Making revolution in the data management with Master Data Management

Changing your business with the technology


What Swati Technologies Offers

Swati Technology offers you the best MDM consulting for your Business Data Management. We are expertise in various MDM tools.


Our team of experts will analyze the issues and challenges faced by you and your enterprise, and provide you with the best possible consultation to develop a strong and secure foundation for your data management.



  • Assessment of the enterprise data
  • Develop an appropriate MDM framework
  • Strategic goals and MDM architecture design
  • Populating the database and managing data security and privacy (GDPR)
  • Assessing the quality of data for MDM



Swati Technologies will provide your team with all the necessary training and idea about how to manage the platform. Any support and additional help will be just a phone call away.



Data Disciplines

We strictly follow 11 data governance disciplines.

Data Quality

Data Architecture

Data Modeling and Design

Data Storage and Operations

Data Security

Data Integration and Interoperability

Documents and Contents

Reference and Master Data

Data Warehousing and BI



How we Make it Happen

We follow the iterative improvement cycles in the change management.


The investigation of business drivers, data problems, and opportunities is done in the initial stage.


Goals, objectives, and framework that fits for your business is designed. And a high level business case is prepared.

Planning and Delivery

Final roadmap is prepared and delivered to you.


Problems and issues related to data and identification of key data and data themes are done in analysis stage.


The steps for implementing the MDM in your business are prioritized for achieving quick results. Overall strategy is designed.

Iterative cycles

These steps are iteratively done for improving the change management.

Profisee MDM

Profisee Master Data Management (MDM) is how enterprises finally can solve the data quality issues holding back so many strategic initiatives.

With better data, now you can make it happen.

We are profisee certified consulting partner.


Benefits of MDM

Swati Technology provides you with the best consult about your business’s data management. Your business will be assisted in crucial strategic decision makings.


Improved and High quality of data

Gap filling and data enrichment

Information harmony and optmize your business

Detection, filteration and managemnet of the duplicate data

Business is connected across the systems

Enforcement of good data governance


Our Services

Experienced Consultants

Our specialists are certified professionals, with years of industry experience in cutting-edge database technologies.

Increase Efficiency and
Data Quality

Our Database experts work together with your team to monitor, support and improve database infrastructure.

Improve availability

Swati Technologies offers 24×7 service coverage to improve availability of critical database infrastructure.

Fast response time

Our staff will attend to database problems immediately, resolve incidents, investigate root cause and provide an incident report to minimise recurring incidents.

Reduce cost

With Swati Technologies DBA you may
save up to 50% over in-house DBA while getting
higher level of services.

Increase Resource pool

Our Remote DBA helps organisation to manage unplanned staff unavailability including staff sick days, vacations, absences and employee turnover.

MDM Tools

We are specialized with different MDM tools

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